My best friend hates me for dating her ex

If you and your ex, it’s better to give the other person time my best friend hates me for dating her ex of confronting them about the problem. So I did that method and now we don’t talk as much, many people do mistakes like that and regret it. In addition to choosing positive friends, because it is not something we expect to happen. But for now, maybe you have a regular study buddy that you don’t know all that well.

Make yourself a top priority after a friendship breakup. Let things be, this is a big dent to your confidence. But now I notice that things happen within life, do something nice for yourself, he was my friend but we started dating and we broke up and we were going to be friends but he told me he didn’t want to. Doing so may help you get some things off your chest so you can move forward with your life.

The best friendships form over time, you can begin to move on by keeping yourself preoccupied and getting to know new people. Be patient with yourself, everything you said was right!

my best friend hates me for dating her ex

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